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Letter of Invitation


Dear esteemed guests of KMUN 2018,


Greetings! This is your Secretary General, Sein Kim, for the upcoming conference of Korea Model United Nations 2018. In representation of all our secretariat members, it is my great honor and pleasure to invite you to KMUN 2018.

My first personal KMUN experience dates back to KMUN 2015 where I have participated as a student officer. On the first day of my chair training, neither could I ease the tension nor relieve the sense of discomfort amongst all the other professional student officers who already seemed to be very knowledgeable in Rules of Procedures. Even worse, although you may have already guessed at this point, but it was even my very first time participating as a student officer in any of the MUN conferences.

Nevertheless, my anxiety immediately turned out to be absolutely needless, as KMUN soon became the turning point of my life both academically and in human relation. Here, I have discovered the role models of my life, figured out what I would like to do as my future career, and most importantly, I have found the sincere motive to enter Korea University where I am now.

Certainly, KMUN will seem very different from any other MUN conferences that you might have participated in the past. Even for me, there seemed to be no margin for any errors in works done by the secretariat members, the social events provided by the organizers were admirably fascinating than any other programs in different MUNs, and the antique crimson designs that seemed to fit more in ball rooms of the imperial palace definitively seemed classy and attractive at a glance.

However, the greatest feature and the biggest difference between KMUN and any other conferences that I have participated was the true friendship and solidarity among the members of KMUN. Indeed, most of my beloved friends have been, or still are, part of this impregnable KMUN community, and I always receive overwhelming comfort and joy from all of those members. And I am more than sure that all the unexpected connections you will be making throughout the conference will also turn out to be sturdy and everlasting.

‘Tradition of Excellence’ is what we pursue, and all the organizers of KMUN 2018 promise you to provide the best of what you can imagine during the four days of our conference. Thus, be our guest in this upcoming January, and you will never regret the chances you have made. Once again, I sincerely welcome you to Korea Model United Nations 2018.



Best regards,

Sein Kim

Secretary-General, Korea Model United Nations 2018




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