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Letter of Invitation


Dear esteemed guests of KMUN 2019,


Greetings everyone, this is your Secretary General, Jeanha Moon. It is my utmost honor to invite you to the upcoming KMUN 2019, from January 16th to 19th, 2019.

To many, just the name KMUN arouses feelings of admiration and awe. It might seem different from any other MUN conference you have participated in, both in size and atmosphere. Every participant, from the secretariats to even the other delegates might seem more professional than you could ever be. Even the venue Korea University itself might seem like a future dream that is hard to reach.

Such emotions were the case for me too. When first offered a position to work with KMUN, it seemed overwhelming. I was full of concern and responsibilty, worried that I might mess up the many previous achievements and reputation of KMUN.

Nevertheless, that anxiety disappeared completely after actually experiencing KMUN. It became a turning point in my life, both academically and non-academically, from figuring out my future career goal, acquiring work experience, and most importantly forming new, precious, and lifelong lasting relationships.

I am more than sure that every one of you will go through the same experience and emotions - from overwhelm to affection. The KMUN community consisted of many unexpected but valuable connections will delight you, and the intense discussion during the conference will stimulate intellectual inspiration. Many lifelong experiences await you, along with the secretariat members working day andnight to provide you with those experiences.

Former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, in his Letter of Encouragement for KMUN said as below.


"These plans are ambitious. We need people to make them real. That means you."


As we always say, KMUN is "your stage", which cannot function without you and your passion, dreams, and commitment. So please shine this stage KMUN 2019 as many before you have. Once again, welcome to KMUN 2019 and the best regards to each and every one of you.



Jeanha Moon,

Secretary-General, Korea Model United Nations 2019



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