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Letter of Invitation



Dear esteemed guests of KMUN 2020,



Greetings everyone, this is your Secretary General, Jiyun Kim. It is my utmost pleasure to invite you to the 13th session of Korea Model United Nations.


A nervous girl on her train to Seoul to attend her first MUN conference many years ago would have never thought that she would one day serve as the Secretary General for one of the most prestigious MUN conferences in Korea. However, that first MUN conference I participated in changed my life, encouraging me to pursue my field of interest and to set out my career plans, and connecting me to some of my most precious friends. I took the position of the Secretary General for many reasons, but the most important aim of all was to ensure that you would have the same fulfilling and life-changing experience I had as a delegate.


I am sure that KMUN 2020 with its “tradition of excellence” will be one of your most meaningful experience this winter. The intense discussion during the conference will give you insights on the significant international issues, and you will be able to connect with the valuable members of the vast KMUN community, from fellow delegates to the Secretariat members comprised of Korea University students.


I sincerely hope that all participants of KMUN 2020 will be bestowed valuable experience and memories to be cherished in the days to come. As we have always emphasized, KMUN 2020 will be “your stage” to show your passion.  



KMUN, it’s your stage and it’s waiting for you.




Best regards,


Jiyun Kim,


Secretary-General, Korea Model United Nations 2020



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