Letter of Invitation


Dear esteemed participants,


My name is Ji Min Kim, Secretary-General of KMUN 2021. On behalf of the Secretariat, it is my utmost pleasure to cordially invite you to the 14th session of Korea Model United Nations.


First hosted in 2008 by Korea International Organizations Student Society, KMUN has withstood the passage of time upholding a “tradition of excellence”. KMUN 2021, is no exception to said tradition, as this year’s Secretariat, constituted by skilled Korea University students, has diligently spent months preparing for the event alongside student officers, staff members, and KMUN Press Corps.


Perhaps for some of you, KMUN will be your first Model United Nations conference, while for others, this might not be the case. Regardless of your status, I can assert that KMUN 2021 will not only serve as a safe space where you will be able to connect with valuable members from the KMUN community, but it will also be the stage where insightful discussions addressing issues in our ever-changing world, by those who dream of a better tomorrow, are to take place.


That being said, KMUN 2021 is ready for you. 

And now, it’s your stage.



Best regards,            

Ji Min Kim


Korea Model United Nations 2021

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