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KMUN Soiree

KMUN 2021 Soirée


Korea Model United Nations annually hosts Soirée. Soirée is an elegant evening party, where people dress up in fancy attires and socialize with the others. This year, soiree is scheduled on Sunday, January 24, 2021 - Day 3.

The theme of the soiree was chosen to be Gray and Yellow, the Pantone colors of the Year. 

KMUN 2021's Soirée will take place at a Zoom Session, where delegates will be able to enjoy a special dinner by playing a game called ‘Everyone's eating show’, while socialising with others. Moreover, exciting quizzes will be provided. You and your teammates will have to cooperate with each other to respond to quizzes. The winners will be prized with memorable gifts that have logos and designs of Korea University. 

There are a few things participants need to prepare, especially since this year is to take place online. Because of the color theme, participants should either wear something yellow or gray or prepare items with that color. Similarly, each of us should prepare dinner for the Soirée, for the 'Everyone's eating show'.  Presents through fun games related to the meals will be provided. Also, although not compulsory, considering that the Soirée's main purpose is to socialize, delegates may feel free to change to casual attire.

We are looking forward to having an interactive and friendly dinner with you. We will try our best to offer you the party that will be special to all the participants.

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